You would think

With me entering my third semester of college, you would think that I’d gained some knowledge. You would think that I’d ‘broadened my mind’ (any Harry Potter fans out there? No? Okay.) I still haven’t found the best way to retain material in my head. People have this facade, this dream in their minds, of what college is. I remember what I thought the college experience was; laid back classes, easy-going professors, parties every other day, Greek life, and tons of hot, tall, toned guys. Reality Check! College is not what It is made up to be in the movies, or my mind.

College is hard; professors aren’t all laid back, professors don’t care if you have 20 million things like presentations and test and essay due on March 4th, their assignments and projects are all that they care about, and then getting a handful of homework thrown at you from every direction, professors DO NOT CARE. Not to mention DRAMA; friends not getting along, boyfriend/girlfriend drama, gossip going around campus about you. Basically, if you go to a small college where everyone kind of knows each other, its easy for your dirty laundry to get out. ALSO, another totally fun thing to do, going to your 8:30 AM class after a night of partying. Whoever told me to take an 8:30 AM class is an asshole, because it sucks. Something that came to be this past year or so was ‘Thirsty Thursday.’ An amazing night with your closest friends, drinking, dancing, being stupid, all on a Thursday night. Having to go to class the very next morning, at 8:30, is the worst, because thats the last thing you probably wanna do.

Another thing about college, not all campuses have Greek life. My campus does not have Greek life. Sometimes I wish we kind of did have Greek life, just for the parties, and cute guys. But then I think of how much money my parents are paying out of pocket for me to go to this college, and I’m glad we don’t have Greek life. Because I know for a fact that if we did have Greek life, I would have flunked out already. Don’t get me wrong, Greek life has its benefits like sisterhood/brotherhood, life long friends, connections to jobs and internships, and a ton of other stuff. I just feel like I’d get too caught up in the partying, and I’d never get that ‘higher education’ bull.

The benefits and good things you get out of college: a higher education, a better opportunity to get a well paying job, learning which way is the best way for you to study (my Psych professor told my class once that college is just a huge learning experience for us, which I am learning is true), life long friends, learning/finding who you really are. I have to say that in the time I’ve spent away from home has changed me. Maybe for better, maybe for worse, maybe people think I’ve dramatically changed, maybe I’ve become a crabbier version of my old-self, maybe I’ve learned to love easier, maybe.

I truly think that you learn who you really are in the first four years of college. I certainly have learned to be more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve learned that not everyone came from a moderately privileged/normal home. I’ve learned to not take everything to heart, because I’m only hurting myself if I hold onto things that hurt me. I’ve learned to brush things off my shoulder. I’ve learned to accept things as they are, sometimes. I’ve learned to not judge people from their appearance. I’m not gonna lie, because who am I really lying to (besides myself), I do judge people, occasionally. But don’t we all? We’re all flawed in that sense I guess. We’re only human.

I’m Human.